About Us

We, BRIGHT STAR SHIPPING & FORWARDING AGENCY as a team, performing towards excellence, are committed to our valued customers. Our objective is to maintain a 'Quick Response' Support System.

Our mission is to be the most efficient and comprehensive distribution service provider through a continuous effort in upgrading the key elements that form the very basis of service.

Our Profile:

BRIGHT STAR SHIPPING & FORWARDING AGENCY formed in APRIL, 2017 is a Freight forwarding Company managed by a team of professionals who are dedicated and sincere to responding promptly to customer demands. We offer professional and personalized services, including how to save time by curtailing costs.

Our vision:

Our vision and value form the foundation of the way we do business at BRIGHT STAR SHIPPING & FORWARDING AGENCY. The culture of our company and the value we foster guide our relationship with our customers..

We are confident in achieving success for our customers and have developed a strategy to guide our efforts. With the support of our business partners and through our dedication, we invite you to share in our vision.

Our Principle:

Innovation: We are committed to continuously improving how we serve all of our customers, by understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations through a culture of creativity and forward thinking.

Trust and Integrity: We are ethical and honest in our intentions, words, and actions. We believe our end results and how we obtain them are equally important. We are accountable for both successes and failures, and we learn and improve from both. we are committed to the communities, we serve.

Our Mission:

We ensure long-term profitable relationship with our customers by providing reliable, friendly, and innovative services while having the time of our lives doing it.